Simplisafe vs ADT

Simplisafe vs ADT

S implisafe, A young home security star takes against a seasoned veteran. Simplisafe began offering affordable home security options in 2006 for people who were unable to permanently install cameras. ADT began operations in 1874, using the telegraph to connect residences to a central office. Both firms have valuable, overlapping territory in the home security market; nevertheless, Simplisafe vs Adt, which one is best for you?


SimpliSafe specializes in portable wireless home security systems that are simple to set up and takedown. With their simple DIY systems and low-cost professional monitoring plans starting at a low price of $14.99 a month, they have carved out a niche in the business. Customers can choose from five different package options and combine them with additional features to create a customized solution.

SimpliSafe systems all come with a keypad, entry sensor, and motion sensor. Additional components, such as environmental sensors and security cameras, can be added to any package to make it more personalized. Amazon Echo and Google Home Assistant are both supported by the systems. Wi-Fi connectivity is used throughout the product.


ADT has been a home security industry pioneer for almost 140 years. ADT can assist you whether you need a simple wireless system for self-monitoring or a comprehensive service setup with round-the-clock support. They founded their company on bespoke solutions, high-quality equipment, skilled installation, and round-the-clock monitoring.

ADT systems are totally customizable and offer high-quality technology at reasonable pricing. Aside from touch screen security panels, motion sensors, and 720p HD cameras with 2-way audio and night vision, the products also include a wide range of environmental and safety monitors such as smoke detectors, water leak detectors, gas sensors, panic buttons, and more.

Simplisafe vs ADT: Key Differences

Customer Experience

The distinctions between SimpliSafe and ADT begin with the purchasing experience. With ADT, you’ll be assigned a sales representative who will either assist you figure out what you need over the phone or arrange for a house visit. SimpliSafe has everything you need online—just click and buy. ADT has a skilled installation that can assist you in determining the equipment you require to secure your house.

ADT provides nearly every security gadget accessible, whereas SimpliSafe’s system excludes garage door controls and outside video cameras.

Contract Length

ADT requires a three-year commitment, whereas SimpliSafe is completely contract-free. With ADT, you’ll pay a minimum of $36.99 per month for professional monitoring for the duration of your contract, which is three years.


ADT systems are professionally installed by a licensed technician authorized by a third-party provider, however, your SimpliSafe system can be installed by you.


SimpliSafe systems are powered by your home’s Wi-Fi network, whereas ADT systems are powered by a combination of Wi-Fi and Z-Wave technology. We discovered that ADT’s devices were more dependable than SimpliSafe, with more continuous connectivity. The video cameras from ADT also feature a smoother feed and improved night vision. ADT will ensure that your devices continue to perform properly for a little monthly fee. This is a benefit that a no-contract company like SimpliSafe does not provide.


The wireless security systems from ADT and SimpliSafe also support Amazon Alexa voice commands. ADT, on the other hand, has increased its smart home capabilities through a relationship with Google Nest.

Simplisafe vs ADT: The Similarities

Monitoring: Both provide expert monitoring, so obtaining help is never a problem. Both systems provide crash and crash protection, as well as cellular backup.

Access through Mobile App

Both providers offer smartphone apps that allow you to remotely access your system and receive text email alerts when an alarm event occurs.

Selection of General Equipment

ADT and SimpliSafe systems both provide basic security features such as a wireless keypad, key fob, contact sensors, motion sensors, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors.

If you prefer contract free security, go for Simplisafe

If you know that a three-year contract is too long for you and you don’t require fancy home automation capabilities, SimpliSafe is a good alternative for home security. Its equipment isn’t as good as ADT’s, but its monthly monitoring options are far more customizable.

Furthermore, step-by-step instructions make installing (and uninstalling) your system so simple that you can pack it up and take it with you if you move. Finally, you don’t have to call the firm and make an appointment every time you want to purchase SimpliSafe sensors or devices.

SimpliSafe requires you to pay more for your equipment and to install and maintain it yourself. However, the monthly monitoring fees are half of what you’d pay with ADT, despite the fact that SimpliSafe’s home automation options are more limited.

If you’re looking for home automation security, ADT is your bet.

ADT is a wonderful alternative if you want dependable, reputable home security protection as well as the convenience of smart home gadgets but aren’t comfortable figuring out the technology on your own.

While your monthly expenses will be greater than SimpliSafe (and you will be locked into a contract), you will essentially be paying someone else to manage your system while you enjoy its benefits. ADT is especially ideal for larger houses since its mesh network allows you to install an unlimited number of security and smart devices.

ADT leases its equipment and demands long-term contracts for a reduced up-front cost, but its monthly monitoring fees are greater than SimpliSafe. Your ADT monitored system is professionally installed and maintained and you have more options for home automation.


Both ADT and SimpliSafe are excellent options for home security. SimpliSafe may be perfect for anyone looking for a do-it-yourself, portable security system, those on a tight budget, or renters, as the company offers a la carte alternatives and requires a long-term contract.

Alternatively, ADT is arguably the best option for those with a little extra money who want a typical, professionally monitored home security system. ADT’s monitoring costs are on the high side, but you’ll get a well-known brand with a countrywide resource network.

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