What is ADT?

What is ADT?

A DT Security Services, which was founded in the 1870s, is by far the oldest and most-established home security provider in the United States.1 ADT currently serves 8 million consumers and is growing.

According to our experience, they provide dependable service, skilled installation, and the greatest guarantee in the industry. With all of the accolades, you might wonder what is ADT and after that assume ADT is a little pricey for the typical consumer. So we will walk you through A to Z of ADT with this article.

ADT security systems are totally customizable and offer high-quality technology at reasonable pricing. Apart from the touch screen security panels, HD cameras of 720p with double-way audio & night vision, and motion sensors, the products also include a wide range of environmental and safety monitors such as water leak detectors, smoke detectors, gas sensors, panic buttons, and more.

Amazon Echo and Google Assistant compatibility, as well as smart home compatibility with 10 different digital security systems, are among the numerous connectivity options. ADT was named Best Professional Monitoring in our ranking of the Best Home Security Companies 2021.


ADT will design your system, which will be professionally installed, in collaboration with a customer service specialist. Packages begin at $27.99 per month, with a $99 installation cost for basic packages. Premium bundles with more features are more expensive.

The typical installation cost is $150. The actual monthly monitoring and equipment prices vary according to the package you select. All systems require a 36-month commitment with a six-month money-back guarantee.


All ADT programs include expert monitoring for intruders, fire, flood, and carbon monoxide detection 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each comes with a touch-screen control panel as well as voice control compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant. Premium options also provide access to mobile apps, smart home automation, and video surveillance with saved video clips.


ADT systems are professionally installed. All systems feature a digital control panel, entryway contacts, a motion detector, a wireless keychain remote, yard signage and window decals, and expert monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The majority of clients also install extra sensors, cameras, or other peripheral devices. The technician configures and tests the system before walking you through how to use it and will even teach you how to use the mobile app. The installation fee is around $150.

ADT Smart Home

ADT Smart Home includes everything in the basic plan, as well as home automation and remote arming and disarming. It costs $45.99 a month, which is reasonable for complete home protection and smart home controls. This choice unquestionably gives us more control over our system.

It comes with the ADT Pulse app (now known as ADT Control) for remote access and control. You’ll also benefit from real-time alerts sent directly to your smartphone, alerting you to any unusual activity. In terms of smart home features, ADT powers your smart home equipment with Z-Wave technology.

This feature enables you to operate numerous home commands on a single platform directly from the comfort of your smartphone. Overall, we believe this package is a significant improvement over ADT’s base package, and it only costs $9 extra per month (plus the cost of equipment). In our experience, ADT’s Smart Home plan is when it starts to provide significant value.

ADT Video Monitoring and Smart Home

Finally, the ADT Video and Smart Home package combine the advantages of the other packages with the Remote Secure Video upgrade from ADT. If you wish to install security cameras around your home, this package will give you access to video support.

However, it comes with a healthy price hike, with your monthly expenditure rising to $59.99, plus equipment fees because there is no video surveillance without video cameras.

You’ll be able to access live video monitoring with ADT Video and Smart Home, allowing you to view your video feed from your ADT cameras from anywhere, at any time. This package performed well for us during testing, but it’s a little pricey, especially when you consider that several organizations offer video monitoring for only $10.

What is ADT? Features

  •  Remote alert system: Customers can control their systems and receive alerts from nearly anywhere thanks to mobile apps, notifications, remote control, and monitoring.
  •  24/7 Monitoring service: Every ADT monitoring plan includes a 24-hour dispatch service for police and first-responders.
  •  Wireless security: ADT specializes in wireless security. Allowing the installation to leave no spots on the house. It also can support remote controlling, monitoring and home automation.
  •  Professional Installation: ADT installs its security systems properly to ensure that consumers are well-protected.
  •  Surveillance Camera: Optional security cameras allow you to watch your house from nearly any location on the planet. Using your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer, you may watch live videos and browse saved footage.
  •  Home Automation: Home automation adds protection while also saving time and money. To automate your home’s alarm, lighting, thermostat, and other features, use biometric voice recognition and ADT’s mobile app.
  •  Home Automation: Home automation adds protection while also saving time and money. To automate your home’s alarm, lighting, thermostat, and other features, use biometric voice recognition and ADT’s mobile app.
  •  Hard Wired Security: ADT is a global leader in hardwired security, having installed millions of systems. Whether you’re obtaining ADT monitoring for the first time or transferring your subscription to a new home, installation is done professionally.

Throughout our analysis and testing, ADT excelled in a number of areas. For individuals who require greater capabilities, ADT is the preferable option. Their packages and pricing are simple, and their monitoring costs are reasonable for what you get, particularly with the ADT Smart Home plan.

In addition, the company provides a hefty 6-month money-back guarantee, the greatest guarantee we’ve seen in the industry (certain restrictions apply). ADT customers may expect their money to go further with these goods and services. Overall, the value is undeniably there for those who can afford it.

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