Why do People Steal?

A s internet shopping increases this time of year, so does delivery – and, regrettably, many of those delivered parcels lay unattended on people’s front porches for hours, luring criminals. People all over The United States have been struggling with porch pirates for a good few years.

Why do People Steal? (Packages being stolen from front porches)

According to a poll, 43 percent of respondents reported having a package stolen, up from 36 percent just one year before. And more than half of those who have had a package stolen have had it taken more than once. Which is a problem which police don’t bother to solve because they consider it a minor incident.

So, what can you do to avoid becoming a victim of porch pirates?

Whether you’ve been a victim of porch theft in the past or simply want to avoid it in the future, here are the best ways to protect your packages.

Why do People Steal?

Many crimes are merely acts of chance. This means that if an opportunity presents itself, someone will seize it. One of the most obvious reasons why people steal packages from doorsteps is that the opportunity arises. They frequently strike when no one is at home.

Another reason porch pirates take gifts from doorsteps is that the contents may be valuable. People frequently purchase online for things they believe will result in significant discounts. Phones, laptops, sound systems, and even video gaming systems may fall under this category.

If the burglars aren’t interested in keeping the stuff for themselves, they can sell it online and make a tidy profit. There are numerous online pawn shops where these products can be pawned. They are also a thrill associated with the act of stealing for the porch pirates.

How to Protect Your Packages from Porch Pirates?

Make Use of Parcel Tracking

In 2021, every major delivery firm and the US Postal Service provide notifications on the arrival of a specific shipment. In most situations, you’ll be able to watch its progress and see when it’s been loaded onto a truck for delivery. Finally, after your delivery has been delivered, the tracking will be updated.

The most straightforward strategy to avoid porch pirates is to utilize this tracking information to collect your package once it has been delivered. If you are unable to be there at the time of delivery, you can have someone else keep a check on your doorstep that day. Limiting the time between delivery and retrieval is an easy method to eliminate porch piracy.

Set up a Video Doorbell

Video doorbells are becoming an increasingly popular method of home security. Doorbells that double as home security cameras are available from companies such as Ring, Arlo, and Nest. When a guest rings the doorbell, you may view a live camera stream and hear what they are saying. And the camera supports two-way communication, so you can communicate with anyone on your porch.

A doorbell security camera can help you in a variety of ways. For starters, criminals and thieves are often deterred by security alarms. Someone considering stealing your shipment may reconsider after seeing the security camera.

Many of these video doorbells have motion sensors and a notification system that alerts you when someone is on your front porch and even allows you to initiate two-way communication. If a delivery person arrives at your door, you can give them specific instructions, such as hiding the package behind a specific pillar or plant. If it’s a possible porch pirate, you can inform them that they’re being recorded.

Choose Amazon Lockers to Deliver Your Package

You don’t always have control over when a shipment is delivered or if you’ll be home to receive it. The good news is that you can adjust the delivery location and assure your package’s safety.

Amazon Locker is a shipping service provided by Amazon. Lockers are available at a variety of sites, including pharmacies and convenience stores. You can have a box delivered to a neighboring locker instead of having it delivered to your front door.

You’ll get a notification when your package is delivered, just as you always do. When you get to the locker, you will enter the code that Amazon sends you, which will cause the locker to open. No one will be able to obtain the package without your code, therefore your package will be safe until you pick it up.

Get a Porch Box

With porch piracy on the rise, many companies are now producing lockboxes specifically built for receiving parcels. When you order something online, you’ll provide the delivery person with instructions on how to open your porch lockbox. Some include a slot for drivers to place small items into, but they must be opened with a key. Others necessitate a code, which you can supply to the delivery driver.

This type of lockbox isn’t always the most cost-effective option: Lockboxes of high quality might easily cost hundreds of dollars. However, if you frequently get important items or reside in an area where package theft is common, it may be worthwhile.

Choose Signature upon the Delivery Option

Most packages are simply left on porches or at front doors by delivery drivers. However, that is not the only choice. Most businesses also provide the option of requiring a signature upon delivery. In that instance, the driver will be unable to depart the parcel unless you are present to sign.

This technique can be difficult if you aren’t home much throughout the day, and a few missed deliveries can result in parcels being returned to the sender.

Finally, you can reap the benefits of a home security system even if you do not own one. Some companies sell phony security cameras and yard signs for individuals who only want to create the impression that they have a home security system – but, with the introduction of the $20 security camera, it’s not difficult to justify the few dollars more to simply get the real thing.

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